Background Music – Brian Culbertson

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You love to listen to some background music while working? This is what I like best.

Got another CD today I first listened to @Sky.Fm Jazz Radio on internet. Catchy piano tunes with soft to powerful dynamic cadences.

Some samples can be found here

Interesting information for European/German readers:
I highly recommend buying your CDs from US at the moment! Check out this savings for Brian Culbertson’s “It’s On Tonight” Euro price = 18,95 + shipping = over 20 €bucks! Euro price 9,94 + 3,00 shipping = I paid 12,94 €
Simply check out Amazon's “special offers/prices” section below the regular price and look for a reseller called “importcds”. BTW: Up to now I never had to pay any customs – maybe coz I never buy more than one CD at a time :-)

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