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Visual FoxPro – Foxtools.fll Vers 9.00

Until the end of 201? this will be a complete reference of the actual Foxtools.FLL shipped with VFP 9.0! I did my first one (written in German) almost 20 years ago – FoxPro for Windows 2.6 was shipped those days…

Naturally, I visited my old files! I must admit that most of the bugs I described long time ago are gone now. Instead, they introduced some fresh ones! I checked the internet to find out if anybody had already done my job but wasn’t able to find anything else but some old-fashioned HLP-file based version. Do you still know that HLP help format that can be opened on a Vista/Windos7 platform only after downloading the corresponding (deprecated) help engine manually from a Microsoft’s site?

Its only a matter of time that some parts of your documentation get outdated! Thus, I decided to set up a new, final and complete foxtools reference based on my Foxtools.fll version 9.00 which ships with the latest (and last) version of Visual FoxPro.


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