Humour – Counterfeit Money

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This is all about VFP-related (and non-related) nonsense

Why did English programmer always confuse Christmas and Halloween? (Because Oct 31 equals Dec 25)

Counterfeit Money

Beware of bogus money that appeared all over the place recently! Some simple minds did their own "funny" money faking the well known and accepted Fox-coins AKA Foxels!
We are proud of being the first who are able to show you the bad coins.
Bogus_Coin_front   Bogus_Coin_back
Figures #1+#2: False Fox-coins

Just to remember

These are Fox-coins accepted by smart software developers only and please keep in mind: passing counterfeit money isn't funny!

 50 Foxels (Front) 50 Foxels (Back) 25 Foxels (Back)25 Foxels (Front)   20 Foxels (Front) 20 Foxels (Back) 15 Foxels (Front) 15 Foxels (Back) 10 Foxels (Front) 10 Foxels (Back)
 5 Foxels_Front 5 Foxels (Back) 2 Foxels (Front) 2 Foxels (Back) 1 Foxel (Front) 1 Foxel (Back)
Figures #3 through #18: Front & Back of current Fox-coins

All coins were made here: OffSiteLink

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