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How to start?

I started with a dump of all Foxtools functions. This listing is the basis for the alphabetical reference you can find here.

Next, I created a meaningful top-level grouping which I am using in my secondary reference you can find here.

At the moment I’m working on a 2nd level grouping I’m going to use for function cross-referencing within each top level group (the famous “see also” links).

Finally, I will create a separate documentation for each top level group containing a comprehensive collection of “How-To” examples, “Good2Know” secrets and a “Tips & Tricks“ section. These documents will be added to my blog pretty soon but I’m going to fill them with content by and by.

Documentation Consistence

During my testing and writing (while I’m writing these lines, I’ve just finished the editor related Foxtools functions) I found that it would be a good idea to establish a set of documentation rules to achieve a consistent style and naming conventions for all entries.


<to be continued…>

Foxtools Home (TOC)Foxtools Home (TOC)Foxtools – Alphabetical Reference