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Foxtools Editor Support Functions


_EdCopy() Copies the highlighted text of the editor session passed in <nWHAND> parameter.

VFP Syntax

= _EdCopy(nWHAND)


[in] nWHAND

Fox-window handle of the editor session to be closed.


VOID - no evaluable return value, coz always TRUE.


You do not need to open the Windows Clipboard manually. _EdCopy() does the Windows Clipboard handling for you behind the scenes transparently. If no text is highlighted _EdCopy() just does nothing.

VFP Example(s)

Opening an editor session, selecting some text and finally copying the selected lines into Windows Clipboard:

*\\ Open editor session
*\\ There should be some text in TEST.TXT
*\\ Start offset: row #1
nEDstart = _EDSKIPLIN(m.nWHAND,0,0)
*\\ End offset: row #10
nEDend   = _EDSKIPLIN(m.nWHAND,0,10)
*\\ Highlight text block
= _EDSELECT(m.nWHAND, m.nEDstart, m.nEDend)
*\\ Finally copy selection to clipboard
*\\ Close editor session
*// Try to paste clipboard somewhere else

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