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Foxtools Editor Support Functions


_EdSkipLin() Calculates offset position (@BOL) relative to another offset moving <nLineCount> lines up or down in the editor session passed in <nWHAND> parameter.

VFP Syntax

nPosition = _EdSkipLin(nWHAND, nOffset, nLineCount)


[in] nWHAND

Fox-window handle of the editor session in question. If nWHANDL is no valid editor-session handle, an error “API call caused an exception” (Error 2028) is raised.

[in] nOffset

Offset position counted from beginning of the file. The <nOffset> value is zero-based. CRs @ EOL are counted as well.

[in] nLineCount

New offset position is <nLineCount> lines up or down from <nOffset> position depending on sign of <nOffset> value. Line numbering is zero-based, too!


Numeric – the new offset position of BOL of new target line.


When calling the _EdSkipLin() function, the following workflow is started:

  1. The line number of the line that holds <nOffset> position is calculated.
  2. The new position is moved up or down <nLineCount> lines.
  3. The new offset position is set to the begin of the target line (BOL).
  4. This position is returned from the function.

If <nLineCount> exceeds max lines, EOF position is returned.

VFP Example(s)

Opening an editor session, setting caret to offset 10, then moving caret 3 lines down:

*\\ Open editor session
*\\ Set caret to BOL of line 3
= EdSetPos(m.nWHAND, _EdSkipLin(m.nWHAND, 0, 2))

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