VFPX - Help file corrected, supported, and enhanced

Version: 0.01.11 - last update: Wednesday, July 23, 2014, 19:17:00

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Get a refurbished and enhanced Visual FoxPro Help file.

I downloaded a copy of the latest VFP9 SP2 help file (dv_foxhelp_vfp9sp2.exe) today.

I contributed the LOADPICTURE() help page.

At the end of this help page my example #4 is now missing.
It had to be dropped because otherwise the whole page would have been to long.

No problem, you can get the whole story (and even more) directly from external here.

Do not forget to get your own copy of the latest VFP Help file!

OffSiteLink Francis Faure who is the project manager is doing a really great job!
It is hard to keep track of all the little and large oddities that need
to be corrected – a time-consuming and sometimes nerving task!

Thanks Francis!


  1. Where is the file dv_foxhelp_vfp9sp2_b6.exe?

    On the download page VFP9 SP2 Help File is only dv_foxhelp_vfp9sp2_b5.zip version of February 18 2009 (http://vfpx.codeplex.com/releases/view/23319)

  2. @Luis
    Sorry, I was talking about the next release (the upcoming version!). Francis sent me a non-public link so that I could review my contribution.

    The final version is coming pretty soon I think. But better, you ask Francis!