VFP's Editor Code RTF2HTML (Part 6)

Version: 2.00.22 - Last Update: Monday, September 24, 2009, 18:45:00

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This thread is all about how to get VFP’s syntax colored code to an HTML-formatted Blog like this is.

Today... (that was last year 2008)

… well, long time ago I was posting the last time. Times have chanced, my health still isn't that stable I would like it to be... What I found in the past were a lot of really nice (also private) emails wishing all the best letting me know that there are so much nice guys out there patiently waiting for my blog to roll on!

This is what I'm telling you today: I am still alive, I'm still willing to push VFP into the next level... Well, maybe it will last a little bit longer to do so :-) But there will be a final working solution to every thread I'd opened here in the past (and YES: there will be a VFP native TreeView solution pretty soon)

So, please hold the line and give me some days/weeks even months to rest as long as I'm still a convalescent patient. (I've learned my lesson well: a stroke is no joke!)


Today (September, 2009)

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