VFP’s Editor Code RTF2HTML (Part 7)

Version: 1.00.00 - Last Update: Monday, Sep 21, 2009, 17:10:00

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This thread is all about how to get VFP’s syntax coloured code to an HTML-formatted Blog like this is.


After all the time that passed us by, I have one good and one bad news for all of you still patiently waiting for my next postings. I will start with the bad news…

This thread will be discontinued

There are two good reasons (at least, they are good enough for me:-). Firstly, there is a Syntax Highlighter for FoxPro source code already available. I’m editing this blog using Microsoft’s “Windows Live Writer”. I’m not sure, if the Syntax Highlighter is an additional plug-in you have to add manually, or if it came with the last update silently. Anyway, I’m able to insert my VFP source code snippets with syntax highlighting stress-free. No need to speed up development of my own home-grown one any longer.

Secondly, this is the good news now:

Development of the RTF2HTML converter will continue

The work I’ve invested in the RTF2HTML project isn’t lost, that would be a shame! No, not at all! You know, when I was brooding over how to implement the converter, I didn’t find an adequate place. I mean, the engine was already running, and I was looking for the right mechanism to activate it from inside my VFP IDE. Therefore, I came up with the idea to create a Clipboard Monitor inside VFP. This led me to the next thought that it would be nice to have something like multi-clip clipboard support (comparable to the one implemented within MS Office). Well, you might guess it, maybe I’ve had too much free time to think about the whole issue… ;-) Finally I’ve reached a point I was stuck with my train of thoughts: I would write a new Code Editor for VFP’s IDE !

Well, here I am

You may have a first peek (screenshot of my VFP development environment showing an editor form in design mode) here: http://myvfpblog.blogspot.com/2009/09/unbreakable-objects-revisited-final.html

This editor will be the perfect place for adding all kinds of cool functionality (just like my RTF2HTML conversion). I am still working on some final feasibility studies, but I am confident of being able to realize that project. Even at this early stage I’m already able to fill hundreds of blog pages with new findings (read my “Unbreakable Objects Revisited” and you will know what I mean:-) Be prepared for some new blog threads I’m going to open soon!

Keep on rolling!

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