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Visual FoxPro – Complex Controls

In this section of my VFP Blog I am writing about encapsulated building blocks which are complex classes – even more, collections of classes – that form reusable components; basic building blocks every VFP application is made of.

Complex Controls TOC

Table of Content

A Native TreeView

I'll wager, once in a while every VFP developer thought about raising his own home-grown VFP-TreeView. I mean no ActiveX magic but using only native Visual FoxPro code. I must admit I was one of them – until I found some inspiration and finally... did it.

Native TreeView (Part 1)Native TreeView (Part 2)Native TreeView (Part 3)Native TreeView (Part 4-a)Native TreeView (Part 4-b)Native TreeView (Part 5)

Shortcut Menu

This is the sequel to my native tree view documentation. Thus, the part numbers continue here.

Native TreeView (Part 4a)Download Page (Native TreeView - Part 4b)

Image Strip [New]

Save picture resources while combining your bitmap images in one single image strip file, load these strips dynamically from any source (like binary memo fields) and display them anywhere using either VFP's native image control, or the Render() function of the LoadPicture() OLE-Object.
Image Strip (Part 1)

<still to be written…>