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Visual FoxPro - Neat Solutions

Definitions of Neat (adjective): Free from dirt and disorder: habitually clean and orderly | Free from admixture or dilution | Free from irregularity | Marked by tasteful simplicity | Marked by skill or ingenuity []


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Unbreakable Objects

We all use those cool VFP Power-Tools while running our daily business. Most of us have written their own development add-ons from simple menu extensions up to complex wizards and builders and still doing so today. All of these little big helpers suffer from one VFP-typical development environment "disease" called CLEAR ALL

Unbreakable Objects - Part 1 Unbreakable Objects - Part 2 Unbreakable Objects - Part 3 Unbreakable Objects - Part 4 Unbreakable Objects - Part 5

Global Resource Manager

At the beginning of part II of my thread “Unbreakable Objects” I talked about what different tasks/responsibilities a global resource manager should have (IMHO). That’s about a year ago! Well, sometimes things evolve slowly.

Global Resource Manager - Part 1 Global Resource Manager - Part 2

Let's Cook a Dietary Hook

I don't know if I missed something out there, but I cannot remember that I ever have read something about a VFP's Project Hook Implementation that was fast and simple to build AND incredible useful at the same time. There's a very cool, extendible OffSiteLinkProjectHookX project available on the VFPX site, have a peek! My own Hook class only has 29 lines of code but is exactly as powerful as VFP's Environment Manager App! Let me surprise you, read ahead…

A Diet Hook On Steroids