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Visual FoxPro - Basics

In this section of my VFP Blog I am writing about basic VFP - and OOP techniques and good and poor programming styles.


Table of Content

VFP’s BASICS(Part 1)

VFP Basics (Part 1) I made the experience that many smart VFP guys out there don't know the whole OOP-story. I mean, they are pretty good in creating powerful classes, but they fail to explain what the real difference is between object behavior and appearance. Do you?

VFP’s BASICS (Part 2)

VFP Basics (Part 2)Finally I found a link to a free version of my all time favorite OOP-book

VFP’s BASICS (Part 3)

VFP Basics (Part 3)In this thread we will discuss diverse methods that can be used to implement OOP features that are not supported by Visual FoxPro natively.