ADSs, Hard Links & Junctions

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Please note: This is a place holder post, just to create the actual link handles (all these nice-looking buttons are the pest if one has to maintain all the linkage between them manually…

This thread is about how to employ some COOL NTFS features

ADSs, Hard Links & Junctions



'OuterJunctionsUnrollInnerSymlink.Png' with friendly permission by Hermann Schinagl

In this post I will show you

  1. How to bootstrap/generate whole sets of classes at any level with the help of some very small PRG-based generators.
  2. How All PEMs, class–, and inheritance-definitions, as well as all module compositions are based on simple TXT-files and directory entries of a NTFS-file system.
  3. How directories and files can be "decorated" with Alternate Data Streams to transport any of your extended file attributes, and even functionality!
  4. How most of all those files are build using NTFS Hard Links and Directory Junctions.
  5. How easy it is to move and copy your virtual class definitions around.
  6. How your PEMs are represented by simple 'flat' TXT-files (with a .PRG extension)

Finally, we will create a recursive decent parser/generator based on a ridiculous simple script which is distributed into all directories & sub-directories of our virtual class definition (directory-)tree via NTFS Hard Links.
The script is invoked once (at the root class definition), and then recurs through our definitions. At every sub-directory it runs its own Hard Link copy, thus, simulating recursion.

The advantages of this approach are obvious, ahem, at least to me ;-)

<to be continued…>


WINAPI & VFP Internals (Home)

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